Hammer Falls Reviews

Almost everyone knows several local real estate agents but selling your Vancouver WA house to a direct cash buyer like Hammerfalls Realty Group may be a new concept for most. See how we’ve helped other local property owners sell with confidence, for a fair price, on your own schedule without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

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Don’t go with another grumpy contractor. Hammer Falls are kind and they do quality work. Not to mention Nate’s beard is legendary.

- Shelly Varnum

I needed to fix a previous remodel by another contractor that was done poorly. They had put in cheap floors without any pad underneath. Hammer Falls ripped that out and put in new laminate in the common areas and carpet in the bedrooms. They also remodeled both bathrooms, replaced electrical, and painted the interior and exterior. They even cleaned up the yard! They busted it out superfast and exceeded all of my expectations. 
Also, Nate’s accessibility was incredible and his communication for budgeting and timelines was the best I’ve ever had. 

- Alex Lamb

Best decision I ever made! Hammer Falls came in and renovated my kitchen, opened it up, and staged the house for me. It sold so fast! The cost was so worth it when I got the return. These guys know what they are doing. 

- Brian Beck

I was so nervous about selling our home. It was my first house and I had so many memories there. I knew there was some work that needed to be done, and I had no idea how to do that. Hammer Falls came in, drew up a plan for exactly what I needed, and just handled everything. 

I was so overwhelmed before, but they made it simple. When I saw it I was speechless, it looked SO GOOD! If you are on the fence, give them a call. I would recommend them over and over.

- Jacob White

Nathan and the Hammer Falls team were fast, fair priced, and really easy to work with. 

- Mark Fields

Wow! I am super happy we went with Hammer Falls. Our home was wonderful, but had what I call “character.” Unfortunately, a buyer was more likely to see this as a “project.” Before we put it on the market Hammer Falls came in and did some updates. They never made me feel bad for asking questions or not knowing the process. The work looked amazing! Our house sold so fast, 10/10 would recommend. 

- Nathan Taylor

We had an older house that needed some updating before we sold. When it came time to sell, I knew I could get a much higher price if I could bring some things up to date. A few times I tried to do this myself, but I am just not a handyman, and I didn’t have the time with work and kids. I fizzled out pretty quickly.

Then I found Hammer Falls. They took care of all of the work for me and did a beautiful job. Honestly, they did so much better than I ever could have myself. The kitchen and bathroom looked amazing. Best of all, they got it done quickly.  In the end, we got a much higher price than I had anticipated, and even after we paid Hammer Falls we walked away doing better than I had hoped. Thanks guys, we couldn’t have don’t it without you!

- Jesse Parman